Here’s why we believe the right time to purchase a home is right now.

If you’re a buyer, you have a golden opportunity right now. If you were frustrated last spring and summer by the competitive market with multiple offers and high prices, now is your chance.

You’re not going to get a deep discount, but you are going to get a fair shot with an awesome interest rate. We’re not sure we’ll ever see them this low in our lifetime again.

If you’re waiting for the market to crash, we don’t think it’s going to happen. There may be some stabilization, but it won’t be like 2008. Even if home prices do come down by $20,000, an increase in interest will lead to you paying more than what you’re “saving.”

If you’re getting sticker shock right now looking at prices but still paying $3,000 a month in rent, talk to us or reach out to your loan officer. There’s a big long-term effect of a low interest rate. Let us walk you through it and get your foot in the door for this golden opportunity.

“If rates increase before you buy, you’ll be paying more for less.”

Rent is only going to go up from here. If you buy now, you can lock in a mortgage payment with a fixed interest rate. If rates go lower, you can even refinance. However, if they increase before you buy, you’ll be paying more for less.

If you have any questions about buying, the market, or real estate in general, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you soon.