Here’s what’s causing so much buyer fatigue in our real estate market.

Buyer fatigue is something we’ve touched on in the past, but we’ve been seeing it happen more and more in this market. Buyers are writing multiple offers on multiple properties, looking at as many houses as possible, and still not winning because the market is so competitive. Many are becoming discouraged.

Buyer fatigue is so bad right now that it’s actually affecting sellers. Some sellers are wanting to push the limit on their pricing, but it’s working to their disadvantage. 

Buyers are often overlooking these overpriced homes because they have no confidence that they will be able to afford them. They assume you’re going to want significantly more than your asking price since that’s how most home sales are going. Pricing right from the start at market value is the best way to get the most opportunities to sell for top dollar.

“Many homebuyers are becoming discouraged.”

Finding the right agent is key to avoiding buyer fatigue. You want someone who is known in the community and knows how to structure a deal. 

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