Many of our clients are downsizing their homes this spring—but what does it mean to downsize, and why are so many doing it? Find out today.


Essentially, downsizing is to move from a bigger home to a smaller home. There are a few reasons why someone would do this, including your children leaving home for college, leaving you with empty nest syndrome. If your children are now out of the house, do you really still need a four- or five-bedroom home?

Helping you to understand how to best plan for your future is a big deal to us, and part of that plan may involve you downsizing your home.

By downsizing, people are cutting their monthly bills and taking their savings to live a life they always wanted—one that involves traveling, seeing the world, and not stressing out over whether or not they can make their mortgage payment.

“Downsizing simplifies the complexities of living in a bigger home.”

Downsizing simplifies the complexities of living in a bigger home with a lot of unnecessary space, both in terms of cost and logistics.

If you’re interested in downsizing, please reach out to us. We’d love to sit down and have a consultation with you. Financial peace and freedom are very important to us, and helping you remove the shackles created by an overlarge, expensive home is something we enjoy doing for our clients.