Selling a new home is a major undertaking with many things that can go wrong. Luckily, we are here to help with removing inspection and appraisal surprises before they happen.


Congratulations, you listed your home for sale and you accepted a contract. Now you are in a contingency period for the buyer when they get to have their inspections and appraisals completed.

How do you remove the element of surprise from this situation? We work really hard to do this to make the process easier for you.

With our listings, we like to have our inspections done up front. We remedy the situations, if there are any, before we list the property, or let you know about them so you know what to expect when something does come up in an inspection.

Sometimes we run across some challenges with the appraisal. We like to meet with the appraiser to see if we can get ahead of problems if we can. These are things that can hold up or kill deals if you are not well aware of them.

“We remedy any problems before we list, or we let you know about them early so you can know what to expect.”

After selling thousands of homes, we have learned some tricks that make the deal go as smoothly as possible so you don’t get to the end and have it blow up, creating frustration for everybody.

The worst thing that could happen is you are 17 to 20 days into a contract and you find out you have a $7,000 pest issue that needs to be resolved. It is better to know about this in advance so you can be prepared and negotiate. It will save you money during the process as opposed to paying at the last minute and struggling to find a contractor to come in. Doing this all beforehand prepares you.

So, what are today’s buyers looking for in a property? Buyers are looking for turnkey homes. They are putting most of their money into purchasing this home and, if they are first-time home buyers, they don’t want to have additional expenses. They would like a house they can simply move into and call it “home.”

If you have any questions about this topic or you have any other home buying questions, please email or call us. We would love to help you in any way that we can and look forward to speaking with you soon.