What’s happening in our market right now in terms of interest rates? Well, one thing we can safely predict is that they’ll rise again sooner rather than later.


Interest rates have been a hot topic lately in our market. So what should today’s buyers know about what’s going on?

First of all, rates have gone up, but the increase has not been as significant as anticipated. This is causing a big push for buyers to get into their next home before they rise again. And current inventory levels already pose a challenge, so today’s market has become somewhat difficult to navigate.

With low unemployment rates and our economy as strong as it is right now, rates are likely to see another increase sooner rather than later. There’s simply no reason for rates to be kept so low given the strength of our current conditions.

“Do yourself a favor and stay ahead of the interest rate hike.”

Whether you plan to refinance or buy, don’t put it off. Do yourself a favor and stay ahead of the interest rate hike. Just a 0.25% difference could have a big impact on affordability.

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