When buying a home, there are several things you should never overlook. Today, we’re going to list a few. Here are eight things to pay attention to when buying a home:

8. Make sure you have room to grow. If you’re thinking of having children down the line but don’t have any now, you should still plan ahead for the kind of space a family will require. Beyond physical space, you need to also think about what kind of resources are nearby. Are there schools, nurseries, or parks in the area?

7. What’s the resale value? A great house in a not-so-great neighborhood may seem perfect for you right now. But, if you’re planning on moving in the next three to five years, you may take a hit on this kind of property.

6. Pay attention to features that can’t be changed. Many things about a home can be customized or improved. However, some things are simply impossible, or at least very costly, to change. The floor plan, the lot, and other things like that need to be taken into mind.

5. The need for specialty inspections. Houses with solar panels or other atypical features will need to have additional inspections beyond the basics. When it comes to solar in particular, you need to determine whether the panels have been leased or purchased.

4. The bedroom-to-bathroom ratio. Depending on the size of your family, or the size of the family you plan to have, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms may be critical to a happy home life. If five people are living in a house with just one bathroom, this could spell trouble. 

3. What are your covenants, codes, and neighborhood restrictions (CCNRs)? These restrictions are different from being in a homeowners association, but are still important to know. 

2. What is your daily commute? This is especially important in our area. If your job is in town and it’s going to take you 25 minutes just to get to the freeway from your new home, you may want to think realistically about how purchasing this home would affect your daily life. Are you really going to be okay with your commute a year from now?

1. What is your neighborhood like at all times of the day? Houses are typically shown during daylight hours. However, this gives you a very limited look of what your neighborhood will be like at any given time. If the property is near a school, drive by during school hours to see what traffic will be like. Also, if you are buying in a neighborhood where you feel a little unsafe, take a drive around at night to see if you feel comfortable. 

“If you don’t currently have children but plan on having some soon, you should still plan ahead for the kind of space a family will require.”

If you have any other questions or would like more information, feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.