What are the biggest trends that we’ve seen in the 2019 market? Today we’ll discuss.


Today let’s talk about one of the latest trends that we’ve noticed in the market this year.

Every time I’m called into an appointment, I ask people what their next move is. Many of these clients have told me their plan is to move out of California to such states as Idaho, Arizona, Tennessee, and Texas. In fact, a recent news article said that 50% of people wish they could leave California. At any rate, it certainly feels like the net migration is leaving the state.

If you or someone you know is thinking about making a move out of the state to live somewhere with a lower cost of living, reach out to us. We know people in all different parts of the country that we can refer you to so that you’re ensured a high quality of service, and we’d certainly be glad to help you sell your home. Beyond that, we also have a checklist of items to consider when you’re moving to another state.

We’d love to have a conversation with you, and hope to hear from you soon!