We have 20 copies of Dave Ramsey’s latest book to give away!

Today we have a special gift for you. We’ve secured 20 books from Dave Ramsey! 

We’ve been ELPs (endorsed local providers) for 14 years with the Ramsey Solutions Group, and we love them. We’ve helped many people who have gone through his program with buying, selling, and most importantly, getting control of their finances. It’s been great to be trusted advisors to an array of families in different situations over the years. 

“We’d love to give you one of Dave Ramsey’s latest books.”

We’ve helped people get out of debt, buy their first home, and eventually buy another home. That’s been a personal success for us: getting the call years later that our buyers are ready to sell and either upsize or downsize. It’s a pleasure to watch people take baby steps and eventually get to that level of financial freedom. 

We have 20 books to give away that will help you take control of your finances. We highly suggest you listen to what Dave Ramsey says. He’s helped both us and plenty of our clients. 

Simply email ron@homebuyersrealty.com, and we’d love to either hand deliver or send you Dave Ramsey’s latest book. Also, call or email us if you have any real estate questions or needs. We’d be glad to help you.