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By Ron & Eva Cedillo

Ron and Eva Cedillo Broker/Owners of Home Buyers Realty that has 20 Top Producing Agents selling over 400 homes per year. They personally sell over 150 homes per year with their aggressive marketing campaigns that net sellers Top Dollar Fast. “If we don’t sell your home in a time we agree upon we will buy it.”

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Once you finally find the perfect house, the next thing that you want is to secure your dream home. But with a lot of competition, how can you stand out among multiple offers? With insights from Eva, an experienced real estate professional, I will share with you some of the key strategies for getting your offer accepted in competitive markets:

1. Understand market trends. If you want to increase your chances of getting your offer accepted, you should know the latest news in the real estate market. Recently, some buyers who were waiting for a rate drop that didn’t happen are struggling to stay competitive because the rates aren’t where they want them to be.

As a side note, there are some lenders who are willing to do a one point rate drop for one year where they pay for it, and then you could refinance the following year.

2. The power of effective negotiation. Securing a home in a competitive market means knowing how to negotiate effectively. When you are working with an agent, make sure that they are knowledgeable and that you are well represented. They should have a clear understanding of contingencies, be proactive, and be experienced, especially with the upcoming NAR changes this summer.

“Dealing with multiple offers means that you have to be aggressive, so choose your agent wisely.”

Dealing with multiple offers means that you have to be aggressive, so choose your agent wisely. You want someone who has a good reputation for being upfront, closing deals, and being communicative.

3. Choosing the right (local) lender. Some buyers believe they can save some money by opting for an online mortgage company or national lender, but in the end, these options can be more expensive and stressful. It makes more sense to work with a local lender who is familiar with the area, can offer you personalized support, and can communicate clearly throughout the home-buying process.

If you are ready to start your home-buying journey, call or email us. You want someone who’s going to represent you well and be on your side through the process every step of the way. We will be happy to take your calls, and answer your messages and emails. Our team would love to help you reach your goals.