If you’ve been forced to rent out your home just to pay the mortgage, there’s a way out. Here’s what you can do.


When we talk about an “accidental investor,” we don’t mean someone who mistakenly purchased a great investment property that brings them passive income.

We’re talking about the unfortunate homeowners who took out an overly-large mortgage and were forced to rent out their home. This can happen for a few reasons—perhaps they inherited a property, or maybe they had to move suddenly, for example. Regardless, they found themselves forced into becoming landlords.

If you’re in this situation, please give us a call. Now’s the perfect time to sell your accidental investment to an intentional investor, and we can put you in contact with someone who’s willing to buy your property.

“We can put you in contact with someone who’s willing to buy your property.”

These are people who are looking to start investing and creating wealth through homeownership, and they start the process by putting 20% to 30% down on homes like yours.

If you’re simply looking to make your own investment, we can help you as well. Whether you’re looking to get out of your current situation or wanting to invest, feel free to reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.