What does it look like to be in the current real estate market?


Today we’re going to talk about what it’s like to be a buyer or seller in today’s market. Right now it’s a win-win for both parties because it’s a balanced market.

It’s beneficial as a seller to know where you stand in the market. How should you price your home? Who is your competition? Are you competing with new construction? How many houses are on the market?

As a seller, if you present yourself well, the house shows well, and you’ve priced your home correctly, then having an agent that can lead the best buyers to you is going to be crucial.

“It’s a wonderful time to buy!”

On the other hand, buyers right now have wonderful opportunities because interest rates are so low! There’s currently more inventory to choose from, so you get to be a bit pickier and you get to ask for more things (like closing costs, for example). You have more say right now because everything is currently a negotiation and not just one-sided.

As a buyer, there’s so much opportunity, mainly because your rates are so low. We can structure deals that can keep more money in your pocket, get you great rates, and great terms. You have a lot more options now than you’ve had in the last few years. It’s a wonderful time to buy!

If you have any questions and want to reach out, we can discuss your individual situation. Give us a call or send us an email, we would love to speak with you.