We are still in a seller’s market, but it has become less crazy.

Did you miss the market? We have talked with a lot of people who are worried that they’re too late. The simple answer is no; you haven’t missed the market.

We’re not getting 48 offers on a house over the weekend anymore; we’re entering into a more normal market, but it still favors sellers quite a bit. Prices have not dropped by any stretch of the imagination, but homes just aren’t selling for $100,000 above the list price.

We’re seeing a lot of buyer fatigue. They’re discouraged from having to compete in multiple-offer situations, but it still is a good opportunity for any buyers out there. You won’t get a discount on a home, but they will lock in our fantastic interest rates.

For sellers, if you list your home right, have your house ready, and work with great Realtors, you will sell your home. You can still downsize or move out of state without sitting on the market for months; it’s still a seller’s market, just not the seller’s market on steroids that we were in earlier this year.

If you have any questions, please give us a call. We’d love to talk about our market in more detail.