Working with a specialized team of agents is much more efficient than working with a solo agent. Here’s why.


Why do teams even matter in the real estate industry? Today we’ll discuss exactly why teams matter in our business.

In this age, everyone wants an answer to their questions right away—social media and texting have spoiled us on that front. So agents need to be on point, but they can’t be everywhere at once.

This is why having a strong, synergistic team whose members all have the same goal in mind, understand our mission statement, and also have a clear understanding of our client’s goals is so critical.

Hiring a team doesn’t cost any more than it would to hire an individual agent. On the contrary, it’ll likely make you money in the long run. It’s important and useful to have each team member’s expert opinion on your file so that each part is taken care of to its fullest potential.

“Hiring a team doesn’t cost any more than it would to hire an individual agent.”

There are about 124 different tasks involved in a single transaction. Do you think that a single agent could tackle all that easily? Or, think of it this way: Imagine a restaurant where the only employee is the valet, the host, the server, the cook, and the busser—Do you suppose that your service would be optimal?

On our team, each member specializes in a different task, knows their duties, and does them over and over again, meaning you can trust them to get the job done well.

What’s more is that our team has a few members who specialize in different areas like probate, foreclosures, and short sales. This brings a different dynamic and wider range of services to our clients.

If you’re looking to hire someone to sell your home for you, consider our team. With our services, you won’t spend more hiring us than you’ll net with your home sale.