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By Ron & Eva Cedillo

Ron and Eva Cedillo Broker/Owners of Home Buyers Realty that has 20 Top Producing Agents selling over 400 homes per year. They personally sell over 150 homes per year with their aggressive marketing campaigns that net sellers Top Dollar Fast. “If we don’t sell your home in a time we agree upon we will buy it.”

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Hiring a real estate agent or contractor to assist with selling your home is a significant decision, often tied to one of the largest financial transactions of your life. It’s crucial to approach this process with a detailed list of questions and expectations, ensuring the person you hire is well-equipped to meet your goals. Here’s what you need to consider to make an informed decision.

When entrusting someone with the sale of your home, their expertise, and track record in the local market can make a substantial difference. Here are some key questions you should ask any potential real estate professional:

Experience and Results: “How many houses have you sold in this neighborhood?” and “What was your sales volume last year?” These questions will help gauge their understanding of the local market and their level of success.

“Hiring a skilled professional is paramount to achieving your real estate goals.”

Property Improvements: “Have you helped rehab properties to achieve top dollar sales?” and “What was the return on investment (ROI) for those improvements?” Understanding their ability to enhance property value and their strategic thinking regarding investments can be crucial.

Credentials and Team Support: Ensure they have the necessary credentials and ask about the team supporting them. A strong backing means they’re better prepared to handle your sale effectively.

Your preparation forces potential hires to match your level of seriousness and readiness, effectively weeding out those who might not be the best fit. It’s about setting a high standard, demanding professionalism, and ensuring they are as committed to achieving your goals as you are.

Recognizing the challenges and complexities of hiring the right real estate professional, we’ve done some of the legwork for you. Attached to this post is a link to a valuable tool designed to assist you in this process. Whether you’re hiring a realtor or a contractor, this resource is tailored to help you come prepared with the right questions, ensuring you engage the best person for the job.

Hiring a skilled professional is paramount to achieving your real estate goals. By showing up well-prepared, you set the stage for a successful transaction, saving yourself potential pain and frustration. Use our downloadable tool to guide your hiring process, and step confidently into your next real estate venture, armed with the right questions and a clear direction.

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